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Innovation and Resistance

Where are IMPs evolving most rapidly now, and why?  How can innovations cross-link to graduates’ market success in emerging hybrid fields? Especially fields associated with the tech industry’s voracious demands for ‘content’?  What are the institutional forces retarding this innovation, and how can inter-college IMP networks help to address these issues?


cropped-MHudson15.jpgIMP Program Assessment

How do we see ourselves?  How do others perceive us inside and outside of the academic institution?  How do we balance institutional assessment requirements with IMP specific assessment goals? Themes include: common criteria, learning outcomes, program and student self knowledge, defining the core values that underpin our assessment of our own program assessments through the evaluation of disciplinary de-differentiation or transient amalgamation.


Histories and the Implicate Order

IMPs are inherently cross-disciplinary, cross-located, and poly-modal, and therefore stand in an excellent position to chart new deployments of historic modes/themes/lines of creativity and scholarship.  How have IMPs evolved from their founding principals in the 1960s and 70s?  And what has changed with respect to their disposition to the world at large?  What are the implications here for the short and long term development of interdisciplinarity as a cultural enterprise?  How can we leverage our own past successes and failures?


cropped-04-1.jpgSiren Song: Recruitment and Admissions

Many IMPs exist in a liminal space, hidden in plain sight within their colleges and universities. IMPs sometimes get very mixed messages from administrations regarding our existence which translates into numbers. This panel will address the following questions: What is the ideal size for your Program? How do you attract students? Do you need to recruit? Is there an increase or decrease in student applications to join your program? How do you navigate the question of retention? How can we move beyond perceptions that IMPs weaken other programs by pulling students away?


Innovation and Hybridity examples from IMPs

Participating IMPs share examples of challenges, strategies and solutions.



Alumni Panel and Student Panel

An open forum for IMP alumni to discuss how their Individualized degrees have served them in their careers. This panel will include the conference host Kevin Kreuger of Alter Space and a diverse group of IMP Alums.

Every year students from different IMPs participate in a panel where they present their work and discuss how their Individualized curricula has supported their studies.